Weruva b.f.f Topsy Turvy Chicken & Turkey Dinner Paté 5.5oz

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Ever been told to stop playing with your food B.F.F rejects that idea by making meal time fun with their PLAY (Pate Lover’s Aw Yeah!) Wet Cat Food formulas! Cat’s know what they love, and each cat has their own unique taste which is why B.F.F. has introduced their pate line with 16 different flavors based in chicken, fish or mixed proteins. Keeping with their theme of producing high quality and trusted foods, these blended smooth pates never include starch, carrageenan, grains, gluten or any other unnecessary additives; Just real meat ingredients for our carnivorous friends. These foods have a focus on hydration to help keep your cat’s system running correctly and boast high protein contents of up to 57%. Look at the back of the can and there will be real ingredients that you can see in every single recipe. Keep your cat playful and healthy with Best Feline Friend’s PLAY pate formulas for cats. Best Feline Friend BFF PLAY!

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