PureBites Squeezable Gut & Digestion For Cats

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Brand: PureBites

At PureBites, we’re always asking pet parents to “Go ahead, look at our ingredients”. PureBites+ Squeezables Gut & Digestion formula is made with only 5 simple human grade ingredients you can read, pronounce, and trust: 100% pure chicken, water, pumpkin, tapioca starch, & inulin. No artificial colors, fillers, or sweeteners. PureBites+ Gut & Digestion formula has pumpkin and inulin added to every squeezable pouch to support daily digestive health. We make our treats fresh & pure in a creamy texture and in a fun and interactive squeezable pouch, locking in the taste cats crave and superior nutrition that pet parents love.


Human Grade Chicken, Water, Pumpkin, Tapioca Starch, Inulin.

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