N&D Tropical Fruit, Salmon, Spelt Adult Medium Maxi Dog Food 4.4lb

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UPC: 8010276042378
Brand: Farmina
  • At Farmina, the philosophy is the Carnivore Nutrition System, which means using the best possible ingredients to formulate a nutritional diet adapted to the carnivorous nature of your 4-legged friend, and within this range, with a small amount of ancestral cereals.
  • N&D Selection Tropical line uses tropical fruits, rich in antioxidants & vitamins.
  • Traditional Italian cuisine is part of Famina’s DNA and this is what led to the choice of spelled and oats: cereals with a low glycemic index.
  • N&D Selection Tropical uses low glycemic index cereals, for prolonged sense of satiety.
Nutritional option
Meat as a first ingredient
Specific needs
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