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Grown in Canada naturally under ideal temperate conditions, Martin little friends™ Timothy Grass Hay Mini-Bale is the perfect choice for your small pet.

Little friends™ Timothy Grass Hay is an all-natural product containing no pesticides or herbicides. It contains no artificial colours, flavourings, additives or preservatives. It is harvested at its peak of growth during optimal weather conditions at the prime time of day.

Martin little friends™ Timothy Grass Hay Mini-Bale is essential for the well-being of your pet and provides them with rich, long fiber necessary for a healthy digestive system and strong teeth. Hay should make up the largest percentage of their diet and should always be available to them to eat and forage.

he remainder of their diet should consist of a quality small pet food ration such as Martin little friends™ small pet foods. Treats, fresh leafy green vegetables and fruits can be offered in moderation.

Small pets that consume hay include rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas and degus. Small pets that nest and forage in hay include hamsters, gerbils, rats, mice, hedgehogs and ferrets.

Offer clean, dry hay freely for consumption, nesting and foraging. Ensure that your pet always has access to fresh, clean hay. Remove any soiled or wet hay promptly and replace.

Compact 100% All Natural Premium Sun-Cured Timothy Grass Hay, Sunshine & Rain

Store in a cool dry place. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight.

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