Li’l Pals Round Kitten Collar Strawberries Cat

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UPC: 076484773136
Brand: Li’l Pals

Dress your kitten with the Li’l Pals® Round Kitten Collar! The collar’s rounded corners ensure a soft, gentle fit that keeps your kitten comfortable and prevents fur from tangling.The durable material withstands scratching and biting during rough play. Plus, its silver bell accessory helps easily identify your kitten’s location. You’ll love the unique style from this collar with its knotted design and funky styles. Choose from a range of adorable styles to give your kitten some flare!

  • Comfortable, gentle fit with soft rounded corners.
  • Rounded corners prevent fur from tangling.
  • Unique knotted design and adorable patterns offer a fun, stylish look.
  • Durable material withstands scratching and biting during rough play.
  • Bell accessory helps identify the kitten’s location.


Perfect for Small Cats and Kittens.


Perfect for kittens and everyday use.

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