Jw Skid Stop Slow Feed Bowl

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JW Pet Skid Stop Slow Feed Bowl Large

Holds 700ml

Available in Blue or White. Please specify which colour you prefer – if you do not choose we will happily choose for you.

JW Pet products use hands on product research and development to develop intelligent product designs that make the lives of pets and pet parents easier.

Slow down your guzzle-prone, speed-eating pet with the JW Skid Stop® Slow Feed Bowl. Many dogs eat too quickly, which can cause bloat, discomfort, & other gastrointestinal problems. The unique design of the JW Skid Stop Slow Feed Bowl contains large indentations to stop your dog from gobbling large mouthfuls of food, and the handy rubber base keeps their bowl in plac while also preventing slipping and sliding.

Slow-feeder bowl with anti-skid base
Helps reduce rapid eating, which helps reduce risk of bloat and gastrointestinal issues
Easy to clean, stain-resistant plastic
Rubber base prevents slipping and sliding
Dishwasher safe, heavy-duty plastic

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