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Matted hair can be impossible to remove without cutting and it’s also most uncomfortable for your dog. FURminator Undercoat deShedding Tool Medium Dog Short Hair is very effective at keeping pet hair in good shape, when used regularly. This tool reaches through top hair and grabs loose undercoat hair without causing damage to top hair. Its curved SkinGuard design glides over the dog’s skin comfortably, never causing distress. Collected hair is easily released at the touch of a button. Comfortable for users, the deshedding tool has a soft ergonomic handle.


  • Removes loose hair from dog’s coat
  • Designed to reach through top coat, removing loose undercoat hair
  • Teeth remove undercoat hair without damaging topcoat
  • Curved SkinGuard design glides comfortably over dog’s skin
  • Ergonomic handle for easy use
  • FURejector button quickly and easily releases collected hair

Use: for healthy, shiny and smooth coats, brush regularly, before matts are produced. Best used weekly for dogs with double coats.

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