Canine Life Muffins 6 Pack Beef

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UPC: CNLF74208
Brand: Canine life

Biscuit mixes are available in both our regular hypoallergenic formula and our gluten free formula. Our biscuit mixes consist of the same ingredients as our respective muffin pre-mix, except the biscuit mixes do not contain calcium. Dogs should receive all the calcium they require on a daily basis through their food, which is why we do not include calcium in the biscuit mixes.

  • Canine Life pre-made muffins are baked in the oven and provide a complete balanced diet for your dog using 100% human grade ingredients. The muffins come frozen and all you need to do is thaw, break up and serve. Once thawed, the muffins will stay fresh in the fridge for up to 7 days.
  • All Canine Life muffins start with one of our pre-mixes.
  • All Canine Life products are hypoallergenic.
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