Acana Healthy Grains Red Meat 10.2kg

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Get obsessed with protein-rich animal ingredients and fiber-rich wholesome grains in ACANA™ Healthy Grains! Our ACANA™ Healthy Grains Red Meat Recipe is specially crafted with fresh or raw farm-raised beef and savoury pork. It’s also balanced with healthy grains in the form of oats, sorghum and millet. These grains are high in fiber and gluten-free, offering added nutrition that helps support a healthy digestive environment. Our Red Meat Recipe is crafted with 60% animal ingredients1 balanced with 40% wholesome grains, vegetables, fruit, botanicals and nutrients2 and helps support 4 key health benefits. This results in a protein-rich, nutritious and delicious food to help them live a full, happy life.

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